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Tenders & Contracts
MAEXIMP is willing to join the international tenders for supplying materials, logistics services, warehouses and the short or long term contracts of supplying only.
Online Materials Supply
MAEXIMP provides you with the services of supplying the materials by contacting us and provide us a clear description, color, size, dimensions, part number, brand...etc. with the Quantity and the shipping terms needed. either from any online store, or any customized materials fabrication.
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Financial's solutions for Hospitals


A part of the project study's & consultations department. MAEXIMP is providing the Finance management solutions for the Hospitals, and the healthcare center's development studies. 

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Electronics and Energy Supplies
MAEXIMP has strong expertise in supplying the electronics parts, components, and energy solutions via our wide relations with the related inveterate manufacturers.
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Emergency Orders, Trading Solutions
MAEXIMP trust that the time is the most important factor to stand up with your project. if you have an emergency order or stuck up for a solution Contact us.
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Research Marketing
MAEXIMP cooperative's experts are specialists in the retail auditing, feasibility studies, marketing concepts & plans.
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Online Health & Beauty Shop
MAEXIMP opened this online shop to allow the individuals to direct the online purchasing from the factories through "Let's MAEXIMP" agreements of ensuring the highest quality and the after-sales services.
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Export and Import
Export and Import is a general service that included experts, consultations, materials, through the delivery of the safe channel between the parties. 
Diamonds & Pearls
For Individuals and wholesalers, we are supplying diamonds & natural pearls with best prices compared with the local and international markets.
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Instagram Store
Instagram store for diamonds and pearl collections.
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